Your network will repel all viruses, spam, and scams with our advanced firewalls and intrusion detection systems

The average amount demanded after a ransomware
attack is $1,077.

A single data breach has the potential to shut down your business for good. Cybersecurity solutions from DefenTec ensures that never happens through constant monitoring from cybersecurity experts and by installing automated, cutting-edge security software — all while remaining industry compliant.

This multi-layered, advanced security solution offers 360° protection, including everything from penetration testing and intrusion detection to perimeter management and vulnerability testing. Don’t leave business protection up to chance, and opt for our low-cost, high-impact Cybersecurity solution instead.

DefenTec’s Cybersecurity solution includes:

  • Anti-virus - advanced software that quarantines and eliminates viruses and worms
  • Firewalls - allows you to set personalized security protocols for maximum protection
  • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) - identifies, and alerts you of malicious access immediately
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) - allows you to work on business files securely no matter the network you’re on
  • Email scam/spam protection - keeps your inbox safe and secure