IT Support & Consulting

Get on-demand tech support from experts with decades of industry experience to help maximize your
IT investments

Solve any tech-related trouble with one phone call — no matter the hour.

Does your technology strategy account for future purchases, expiring software licenses, and equipment lifecycle? If not, then our IT Support & Consulting solution is for you. Our consultants carefully assess your network, identify vulnerabilities and improvements, and then design a customized, detailed technology roadmap for your business which can be used over several years.

Additionally, you’ll get a team of technicians supporting your entire IT infrastructure 24x7x365. You’ll also be able to ask for additional advice and on- or off-site assistance through our support portal.

Benefits of DefenTec’s IT Support and Consulting solutions

  • Personalized strategy - you get a business-specific short- and long-term technology template to follow
  • Business and technological acumen - we take into account the unique software and hardware your business needs before suggesting improvements
  • 24x7x365 expert support - call anytime and we’ll resolve your problems immediately